Introductory remarks

I’ve started this group as a discussion forum for a topic at the center of our profession (and our organization’s) attention: what should the PhD look like in the years ahead? We have a responsibility to the students we admit to our programs; and we have a responsibility to our discipline. We also need to respond to the “job market,” whatever it is and in whatever form it takes. I have a particular take on this issue since my full-time job at the moment is as graduate dean on the campus of a major research university. I spend my days with programs ranging far outside of the “humanities.” And, sad to say, I have found my colleagues outside of the humanities far more engaged in the questions I’ve raised in my description for the group. Let’s change that; and let’s become change agents at our institutions and in our profession.

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About George L. Justice

George Justice is Dean of Humanities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate Vice President for Humanities and Arts in the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at Arizona State University. A specialist in eighteenth-century British literature, Justice is the author and editor of scholarship on the literary marketplace, authorship, and women's writing. His BA is from Wesleyan University and his MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to coming to ASU, Justice taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Marquette University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Missouri, where he also served as Vice Provost for Advanced Studies and Dean of the Graduate School.